Internal Knowledge Base
Collect and store all your corporate knowledge in a repository for knowledge dissemination. Suitable for distributing information about internal programs, projects, and policies to internal teams and external partners securely.
Centralize Company Knowledge & Improve Productivity
Without Incurring Additional Overhead Costs
Of onboarding difficulties can be reduced with internal knowledge bases.
Of employees' time spent searching for information unnecessarily can be reduced.
Of problem-solving rate can be increased by utilizing knowledge base articles.
Building An Internal Knowledge Base With Helplook
Help your internal teams to collaborate and share knowledge effectively across your organization.
Boost employee productivity
Push timely information to teams at your company and know who has read it.
Improved collaboration
Empower your employees to collaborate by sharing knowledge across teams.
Effective communication
Clarify internal business processes, company policies, and project details.
Informed decision-making
Empower executives to make quick and informed business decisions.
Drive innovation
Nurture employee creativity and inspire them to document novel ideas.
Tactit knowledge
Retain employees’ experiential knowledge and enhance business continuity.
Launch sooner. Update faster.
User-Friendly Page Editor
Markdown & WYSIWYG editors
Support text/images/videos, with keyboard shortcuts
Support private access and public access
AI-Powered Search Engine
Support keyword searches to retrieve articles
Experience instant search results with AI search
Access Permission
The article can be adjusted to be private/public
View revision records and restore historical versions
Manage who can view and edit articles
Level-up security with password controls
Intelligent Analytics
Track keywords, topics and visitor counts
Assess content quality using user feedback/ratings
Monitor user searches and interactions with the site
AI-Driven Search Engine
HelpLook has integrated with GPT 3.5/4.0. Provide accurate answers from your knowledge base through natural language interface.
HelpLook Data Security
Certified by ISO/IEC 27001, ensuring information security management
The first choice for data security, providing TLS standard transport encryption and advanced data isolation
Our plans for business continuity and disaster recovery, including daily backups
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