Customer Knowledge Base
Start collaborating, publishing, and maintaining customer knowledge with our all-in-one documentation platform to boost customer satisfaction.
Scale Your Customer Service
Without Increasing Support Cost
Of millennials search for answers online before contacting customer service.
Of your customers expect to be helped either immediately or within 5 minutes.
Of churning customers citing poor customer service as a reason.
Building A Customer Knowledge Is Easy With HelpLook
Create a self-service knowledge base, empower customers and provide them 24/7 support
Offer 24/7 Customer Support
Offer customer support anytime, anywhere, on any device.
Reduce Customer Wait Times
AI-powered response to customer queries, reducing customer support queues.
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Prioritize customer satisfaction by organizing FAQs for quick information access.
Reduce Support Costs
Customer service focuses on complex issues and delivers quality service.
Improve SEO Discoverability
A well-optimized knowledge base supports customers and attracts online searchers.
Collect Customer Feedback
Offer a way to understand customer needs and improve services.
Launch sooner. Update faster.
A Modern Editor For Direct Editing
Recognizes code blocks and tables
Limitless Authoring & Formatting
Support for inserting multimedia
Easily restore Article History
Friendly SEO Setting
Automatically generate article URLs and SEO TDK
Submit to Google for automatic search indexing
Intelligent Analytics
Query site visit data in a specific time
View popular search queries and content
Collect and analyze user online feedback
AI-Driven Search Engine
HelpLook has integrated with GPT 3.5/4.0. Provide accurate answers from your knowledge base through natural language interface.
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User manuals
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