HelpLook VS Document360: Which is Better for Knowledge Base Management?

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, efficient knowledge base management is essential for organizations to effectively organize and oversee their online documentation. Document360 and HelpLook are two robust software solutions that excel in this area. In this blog post, we will compare Document360 and HelpLook, conducting a comprehensive analysis of their features and capabilities to determine their suitability for your team's knowledge sharing, storage, and maintenance needs.

Challenges in Knowledge Base Management with a CMS like Document360

Document360 is a software solution designed to help businesses create knowledge bases for their employees and customers. It primarily focuses on enabling companies to develop user-friendly knowledge base articles that are easily accessible and digestible for their users.

1. Not Easy to Get Started

Signing up for a Document360 account requires the use of a work email address. Unfortunately, individuals without a company affiliation may encounter difficulties as personal email addresses are not accepted. Additionally, accessing a free trial is also restricted to those with a work email, which can be inconvenient for those who wish to evaluate the platform.

2. Expensive Subscription Plans

Document360's pricing presents a significant concern for companies, as the starting price for a single project is $149/month. However, this plan only includes 3 team accounts, which may be limiting for larger organizations. Additionally, the cost for each additional language is $99/month, which exceeds half the price of Document360 itself. These pricing factors should be carefully considered, especially for businesses looking for cost-effective solutions and scalability in managing their knowledge base.

3. Lacks Knowledge Base Templates

The availability of ready-made knowledge base templates is a crucial feature that simplifies content creation. Unfortunately, Document360 falls short in providing a wide variety of templates, which can be disappointing for many businesses.


By taking these factors into careful consideration, businesses can make informed decisions when implementing knowledge base software. HelpLook, as a professional knowledge base tool, is a versatile knowledge management platform that empowers businesses to create self-service knowledge bases, blogs, and help centers. With its document-based AI search and answer capabilities, information retrieval becomes efficient. HelpLook also offers data encryption, customization options, and multilingual support, providing a comprehensive knowledge hub experience.

1. Simplified Registration and Seamless Knowledge Base Construction

HelpLook provides a range of knowledge base templates that users can leverage to quickly set up their knowledge base. These templates offer pre-designed structures and layouts that can be customized to match specific needs and preferences.

2. Pricing and Total Cost of Ownership

HelpLook provides 4 plans with a user-based pricing structure, making it an ideal knowledge management base for businesses of all sizes. The standout feature is that all plans grant access to all the available features, regardless of the chosen plan. This inclusive approach ensures that businesses can leverage the full range of capabilities, irrespective of their subscription level.

In comparison to other knowledge base tools, HelpLook stands out as a more affordable option, particularly for smaller teams. With a starting price of just $7/month for a single project, HelpLook offers cost-effective pricing that makes it accessible to businesses with budget constraints. Read pricing here.

3. Great for Ranking Websites on SERPs

HelpLook excels in search engine optimization (SEO), aiding documentation websites to achieve higher search engine rankings. Users have the freedom to utilize free SEO plugins and create custom schemas to optimize their content and improve visibility on platforms like Google.

HelpLook streamlines the setup of TDK (Title, Description, and Keywords) elements for your website, optimizing web pages for faster crawling by search engines like Google. With easy management of these elements, HelpLook improves visibility and indexing of your website's content. Additionally, as a content management system (CMS), HelpLook offers URL customization within the dashboard, allowing for further customization. By incorporating a sitemap, you can enhance your website's ranking and improve its overall performance.

4. AI Search Experience

Unlock the full potential of AI-powered features, leveraging state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Our system understands user queries and swiftly provides instant answers and suggestions from the organization's knowledge base. Boost productivity by saving time and enabling employees to access accurate information whenever they need it.

5. Multi-Language Support

HelpLook includes a translation feature that simplifies the process of translating articles from the default language into multiple other languages. This functionality empowers users to effortlessly translate their content into languages like Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, German, French, Spanish, and more. By leveraging this capability, businesses can broaden their audience and deliver localized content, facilitating effective communication and comprehension across diverse languages.

Closing Thoughts

Document360 is undoubtedly a standout knowledge management tool, providing effortless creation of public and private knowledge bases, along with a wide range of features for content authoring and publishing.

However, despite its impressive features, organizations may seek better alternatives due to certain drawbacks. Document360's subscription plans can be costly, and it lacks readily available knowledge base templates.

If you prioritize versatility and affordability, we highly recommend HelpLook. Additionally, if you require both knowledge and project management capabilities, HelpLook is also a suitable option. Regardless of budget considerations, HelpLook remains an excellent choice to explore. Experience its ease and effectiveness firsthand with a free trial.

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