Create a Structured Knowledge Base Site
For Customers and Employees
Establish a tailored knowledge base site with custom designs and branded domains, offering flexible public or private access controls to meet specific requirements.
Branded Knowledge Base
Create a custom knowledge base with a unique design and your branded domain.
Security & Access
Manage who sees contents with public/private access options for external and internal knowledge sharing.
SEO Friendly
Ensure your knowledge base is search engine discoverable.
Develop a Dynamic and User-Interactive Knowledge Hub
AI-Powered Search Engine
Support keyword searches for retrieval of knowledge base articles
Experience instant search results with AI-powered search
Brand Customization
Customize your brand's VI and domain to create a unique brand image
Revamp site's headers and footers with custom links/CTAs/social icons
Access Security
Set up open-access knowledge bases that are available to all users
Create private knowledge bases with access limited to authorized personnel
Easily disseminate knowledge using QR codes and social media sharing
Rating & Review (NPS)
Invite reader ratings and feedback for improvement
Use Analytics to refine articles based on user input
Smooth and Effortless Integration
Seamlessly integrate the widget into your website
Support integrating third-party software in JS form into knowledge bases
reduction in onboarding time
reported improvement in data-driven decision making
of questions resolved without escalation
Simple & transparent pricing for all sizes
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