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Keep all your guides and info in one place, for your team and customers, offering private and public access settings.

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Boost Customer Service Without Raising Support Costs
Of customers find self-service to be a convenient way to address customer service issues.
Of customers can be retained with the support of a well-maintained knowledge base.
Of customer inquiries can potentially be resolved without direct support interaction.
Why do SaaS companies rely on a knowledge base?
Accelerates issue resolution for quicker customer support turnaround.
Single source for all up-to-date company information and documentation.
Access search queries and FAQs on-the-go with AI-powered search.
Significant decrease in support tickets frees up employee time.
Well-organized company and product info leads to quicker onboarding for new hires.
Keep an updated, unified repository of product guides, policies, and news for easy daily access.
Access Control
The access permissions can be configured for public/password/private access, or authorized login.
AI-Powered Search
AI-powered search ensures users instantly find and read articles within your knowledge base.
Seamless Integration
Integrate HelpLook effortlessly with the tools you currently utilize, bringing your team's projects together in one platform.
Decrease Churn
Minimize customer churn by consistently exceeding service expectations.
Self-service features streamline the chat experience
Accessible anytime and anywhere without installation
AI chatbot provides personalized responses for instant issue resolution
Role-Based Permissions
Configure role-specific permissions for actions including reading, editing, publishing, and administration
SSO Authentication
SSO enables seamless access across various applications using a single set of login credentials.
Data Protection
We prioritize data protection with TLS encryption and superior data isolation.

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