Custom Self-Service Knowledge Base Portal
For Content Creators, Operators, and Editors
Enjoy a seamless editor for rich text and Markdown, equipped with quick save/publish and analytics.
Data Backup & Recovery
Leverage our knowledge base with daily backups for quick data recovery and streamlined version management.
AI-Driven SEO Optimization
Boost your site's search ranking and draw in organic traffic with AI-optimized content summaries and SEO keywords/descriptions.
Unified Central Management
Centralize control of distinct, branded knowledge bases, each with its own domain, through one unified access point.
Create Your Knowledge Base Seamlessly with HelpLook
User-Friendly Page Editor
Markdown & WYSIWYG editors
Support for text/images/videos, with keyboard shortcuts
Support private access and public access
Category Management
Bulk-moving, deleting, or changing status
Rearrange content with drag-and-drop for hierarchy adjustments
Organize content with 8 nested categories and a context menu
Access Permission
The article visibility can be adjusted to be private/public
Manage who can view/edit knowledge base articles
Enable access through an email verification code
Multilingual Documentation
Create documents in 20+ languages with native language support
Translate multiple knowledge articles into different languages
Advanced Analytics
Monitor keywords, visitor counts, and traffic sources
Analyze data on referral URLs/click counts/percentage
Monitor user searches and interactions with the site
reduction in onboarding time
reported improvement in data-driven decision making
of questions resolved without escalation
Simple & transparent pricing for all sizes
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