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Key functionalities designed to enhance the entire process of writing and reading articles.
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Dual Power: Advanced Enterprise Knowledge Base + Intelligent AI Chatbot

Enhanced self-service experience, reducing support workload.
Boost sales lead conversion with interactive conversations.
Establish brand image through online knowledge deposition and search engine visibility.
reduction in onboarding time
reported improvement in data-driven decision making
of questions resolved without escalation

How HelpLook Helps

Instant Answers with HelpLook AI
Leverage HelpLook to unlock AI-driven search solutions tailored to your expertise. Integrate an AI chatbot to your site with ease using an AI token, elevating the caliber of interactions.
WYSIWYG & Markdown Article Editor
Improved editing and formatting tools for private or internal text, images, and videos, with markdown support, keyboard shortcuts for content insertion, and a streamlined editor look.
Collaborate with Teams in Real-Time
Enable seamless information sharing across teams, allowing employees to access the necessary information while safeguarding sensitive content through customizable permission settings.
Optimize Performance with Reports
Powerful analytics to identify knowledge base gaps and improve it. In-depth insights into user search behavior and granular knowledge base details.
Open Ecosystem for Seamless Integration
Easily integrate HelpLook AI into third-party applications
Bind your HelpLook content site or AI ChatBot across multiple channels

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