How AI Knowledge Bases Are Employed in Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, knowledge serves as a foundational asset. Although it doesn't manifest in tangible market valuations, this intellectual capital is instrumental in enhancing and forging a formidable organization. Yet, when knowledge accumulates to excess, it can inundate employees, leaving them at a loss for where to begin their search for solutions.


This is especially true when dealing with complex systems like health insurance systems, where manual customer service or cumbersome electronic product manuals often become necessary to resolve issues. HelpLook AI Knowledge Base, utilizing AI technology, automatically integrates and analyzes knowledge base content, allowing medical staff to quickly find solutions and significantly improve service efficiency.



Traditional Knowledge Base VS AI Knowledge Base

Despite the irreplaceable role of traditional knowledge bases in the medical field, they have clear deficiencies in information retrieval efficiency, knowledge update speed, and integration capability. In contrast, AI knowledge bases use artificial intelligence technology to achieve automated integration and analysis of knowledge, greatly enhancing the efficiency and precision of information management.



HelpLook AI Knowledge Base

Compared to traditional knowledge bases, HelpLook leverages powerful AI models such as OpenAI, ERNIE Bot, and Azure to collect, organize, store, and share medical knowledge more efficiently, providing strong support for medical workers.


Establish a Help Center

For example, after a hospital purchases a health insurance system, staff may encounter operational questions and system issues. At this point, they can choose to use HelpLook to build an exclusive help center for the health insurance system, detailing operation guides and solutions to common problems, and customizing the site template and navigation bar in the HelpLook backend to create a dedicated help center for the system.




Efficient AI Search

When hospital staff encounter problems operating the health insurance system and are unsure how to find answers, traditional keyword search methods can be cumbersome and time-consuming. HelpLook's AI search function, however, can quickly access the help center's content, accurately analyze the input keywords, and intelligently organize the required information, allowing medical personnel to enter the system error keywords and swiftly receive a complete solution organized by AI.



HelpLook AI Chatbot

By integrating the HelpLook AI chatbot within the help center, users of the health insurance system can access 24/7 intelligent online consultation services, reducing the need for customer service personnel and speeding up service response. Users can consult common questions and operation instructions through the AI chatbot for quick and convenient answers.



Secure Access Control

HelpLook AI Knowledge Base system employs a secure access control mechanism to ensure the confidentiality and reliability of knowledge content. Administrators can set articles to be public, private, password-protected, or captcha-protected, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access, edit, and manage knowledge base content, thus securing the system's knowledge.



Data Security Measures

To enhance the security of sensitive data in the healthcare industry, HelpLook AI Knowledge Base has implemented additional security measures, including data isolation, restricting authorized user access and operation of data, and comprehensive disaster recovery plans, as well as strict control over API key permissions. These measures ensure the security of user data on HelpLook and comply with relevant data protection regulations.




The application of the HelpLook AI Knowledge Base management system effectively addresses knowledge management issues in the healthcare industry, achieving efficient and accurate information retrieval and dissemination. It promotes collaboration and communication among medical personnel and is of significant importance in advancing the development of the healthcare industry.


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