Five Steps to Create a Custom Enterprise Knowledge Base

The importance of a strong corporate knowledge base becomes increasingly apparent. It's not just a tool for enhancing internal communication; it's also a reflection of the company's professionalism. HelpLook offers a straightforward AI-driven solution that empowers businesses to create their personalized knowledge base with zero coding in just five steps.


How to build a corporate knowledge base from scratch?

Step 1: Choose a Suitable Site Template

HelpLook offers a wide variety of templates to choose from, whether it's for a corporate blog, product roadmap, or partner showcase, easily meeting your needs.


Choose the right site template for a swift kickoff, and with just a single click, you will establish a comprehensive structure, crafting a knowledge base page that aligns seamlessly with your product's style.



In addition, HelpLook also supports page customization to achieve the desired effect for your enterprise.


Step 2: Customize Domain

HelpLook allows enterprises to set unique domain names, synchronizing the knowledge base with the corporate brand and enhancing brand awareness. A custom domain makes your website more professional, helps increase brand recognition and recall, and also allows for search engine optimization (SEO) of your website, making it faster and easier for your target audience to find you.


① Click Settings ->Site Settings, select "Custom Domain."



② Enter custom domain and click "Save" after completion.


*This feature can only be enabled after upgrading for the paid version.

*Please login management platform domain name to add record of CNAME and point to


Step 3: Customize the Navigation Bar and Footer for a Personalized Configuration

In the HelpLook admin backend, you can customize the navigation bar settings, such as the logo, background color, text color, selected text color, and logo redirect address.


① Click "Settings"->"Individuation"->"Header navigation", you can customize the header navigation logo, color, text color, text selection color and URL.


Custom navigation bar backend


You can also customize the navigation menu of your knowledge base to more conveniently access the pages you need.


② Click the "Settings"->"Individuation"->"Header navigation" on the left side of the page, select “Form Configuration”, follow the prompts and click the upper navigation Column "+Add" or existing menu to edit, fill in the navigation text and jump address according to the prompt box, and select the jump method. Remember to click "Save" .



*You can change order of the menu by dragging and dropping it directly.


③ Click  ”Settings“->”Individuation“->”Footer navigation“ , click "Enable Footer" to customize the logo of footer, height of logo, slogan of footer, copyright notice, background color of footer, text color, text selection color.




*You can preview the footer effect at the top of the page


Customer Case


XMP is a cross-channel smart advertising tool owned by Mobvista, aimed at teams targeting international markets, enabling efficient advertising growth for apps, mobile games, independent cross-border e-commerce sites, and TikTok Shop sellers. With features such as rapid mass advertising setup, detailed material tag management, AI automatic monitoring, integration with MMP, monetization, and order recovery across multiple platforms, it simplifies the advertising process and efficiently improves both the efficiency and impact of advertising. It helps well-known developers at home and abroad, such as Thunder Games, CMGE, Tantan, supercent, EYEWIND, and Alictus, to enhance the efficiency of their overseas advertising and operations, achieving efficient international growth.


HelpLook customer XMP customized navigation bar/footer


Step 4: Customize the Homepage, Unify the Brand Image

Click "Settings"->"Individuation"->"Custom pages", you can customize the theme color, slogan, slogan color and background image of the site homepage.


Suggested size of homepage background image is 2880*600.


*You can preview the page effect of the homepage in time on the right side of the page, and it supports PC and mobile preview.






Step 5: Customize Web Plugins and ChatBot Styles to Enhance Interactive Experience

HelpLook configures knowledge base/AI chatbot widgets for your website, knowledge base, app, mini-program, etc., providing instant help and support to users, solving problems they may encounter, and thereby improving the user experience.


Configuring your website/knowledge base/APP/WeChat Mini Program with a knowledge base and chatbot widgets can improve the user experience by providing users with immediate help and support to resolve issues they may have.


Click ”Settings“->”Web Plugins“->‘install code", copy the code in the < body > of the website that needs to install the widget, and you can complete the configuration.



Meanwhile, widgets can be installed directly within the Knowledge Base, you just need to copy the code to Site Settings -> Tech support -> Head header code


The effect after insertion is shown in the figure:



With its powerful features and flexibility, HelpLook provides strong support for enterprises to build their own knowledge bases. An efficient knowledge base not only helps accumulate and share knowledge within an enterprise but also plays an important role in communication with customers. In the future, corporate knowledge bases will become an indispensable asset for enterprises, helping them enhance their brand image in the market and in the minds of users.


If you're interested, you can try HelpLook for free now and create your own branded enterprise  knowledge base! You can also visit the HelpLook Help Center or contact our customer service team.

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