The Comprehensive Guide to Custom Prompts and API Key Integration

The adoption of AI chatbots is on the rise across diverse sectors, but the challenge of delivering accurate responses continues to be a significant hurdle. It's common for users to encounter difficulties when engaging with AI chatbots, particularly when it comes to the bot's ability to grasp and respond accurately to intricate queries. HelpLook addresses this issue by offering continuous enhancement of AI chatbot databases through the customization of prompts and the integration of user-specific API keys. This approach improves the chatbot's comprehension of user intentions, leading to more accurate and relevant answers.



Custom Prompts, Flexibly Handling Various Q&A Scenarios

Adjust Prompts Flexibly for Higher Quality AI Outputs

HelpLook allows users to configure prompts directly in the knowledge base (CMS) and AI Chatbot. By customizing prompts, companies can tailor dialog guidance according to their business needs and customer characteristics, create a personalized AI chatbot persona, set default responses, and generate personalized reply content, such as unique text styles, tones, or topics, thus offering users a more caring and professional service experience.



How to Configure Custom Prompts

● Steps: Go to "Settings" → "AI configuration," find "Custom Prompt," and you can customize prompts. If needed, you can also click "Reset" to revert to the HelpLook's default Prompts.



● What are the strategies for training custom prompts to increase accuracy across various scenarios? Consider the following practical examples:


① When the knowledge base does not cover an answer to a question, or the user asks something unrelated to the product: Set a phrase like "Sorry, could you provide more information, or describe it in more detail?" to avoid the AI Chatbot fabricating an answer.



② If the AI responds slowly or generates content that is too lengthy, causing longer wait times for the user: Emphasize the conciseness and understandability of AI replies, for example, by setting a word limit within a certain range, such as no more than 300 characters.



③ If a standard answer is needed for a specific question: Write the specific answer in the prompt box or compose an article specifically to train the AI's response. For example, when a user asks about the differences between HelpLook's packages, the AI Chatbot could attach a message like "Add customer service WeChat: xxxx for more product discount information" after the answer.



④ If the AI Chatbot's response tone feels too harsh: Set the prompt to "Your answer needs to be friendlier, with a focus on the main points."



Integrate Your API Key for Cost-Effective Resource Management

Reducing Purchase Costs

In addition to custom prompts, HelpLook also supports integrating customers' own API keys for efficient resource configuration. Once an enterprise user configures their own API key, it will not consume system AI Q&A data. If AI times run out, it's also possible to purchase them separately in the HelpLook dashboard. The more times you purchase, the more affordable it will be.


How to Integrate Your Own API Key

● Steps: Click on "Settings" on the left side of the page → "AI configuration," find "Configure API Key," and you can customize your configuration.



*The API key needs to match the robot model you selected above

*This configuration is only available in Enterprise Edition


Enhance Customer Service with Smart Data Analysis

HelpLook's knowledge base and AI chatbot have intelligent analysis capabilities, which can collect user search terms, Q&A records, and other data, providing enterprises with valuable information. Enterprises can understand the hot topics users care about and delve into user needs and preferences. Companies can continuously optimize Prompts settings to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the AI chatbot's answers.


(Q&A Records)


(Search Terms)



By customizing prompts, we can not only help HelpLook AI Chatbot more precisely understand user needs but also endow it with a unique character and style, making each interaction full of personality and warmth. Enterprises can also create robot services that understand users better. Try HelpLook AI chatbot for free now. We offer a variety of package options to meet the needs of different businesses.


If you're interested, you can try HelpLook right away! For more information, you can visit the HelpLook Help Center or contact our customer service team.

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