Ultimate Guide to Help Widget: What You Need to Know and How to Use Them

Over half of users prefer to use website self-service to resolve their doubts about products. However, the information in the help centers placed in the regular menus of websites is complex and searching methods are not convenient enough. The HelpLook widget can be flexibly integrated into platforms such as websites, and apps, efficiently accessing knowledge base content and intelligently organizing precise answers.



Quick Keyword Capture with Basic Search Function

Basic Keyword Search

Users simply input a keyword, and the widget swiftly fetches relevant content from the knowledge base, showcasing articles and directories containing the keyword. This quick access to information significantly enhances users' ability to solve problems efficiently.





AI Smart Search Delivers Instant Intelligent Answers

Profound Grasp of What Users Seek

The HelpLook widget transcends mere simplification of information access. It is infused with an AI-powered search functionality that demonstrates an in-depth perception of users' intents. Through the integration of powerful AI models like OpenAI, ERNIE Bot, and Azure, it skillfully interprets the search queries entered by users. Consequently, it is able to smartly compile and present the exact information they are searching for.


Conveniently Activate AI Search

Through a simple settings interface, users can easily enable the AI-powered search function of the widget.





Click on "Settings" on the left side of the page → "Site settings" → "AI" to turn on "AI search".



Customize Your HelpLook Widget

The HelpLook widget also supports personal customization. Users can customize the theme color and position of the widget according to their personal preferences and search scenarios.


Select "Settings" on the left side of the page → "Web Plugins" → "Basic Configuration" and open the "Desk".



For example, since most users are accustomed to looking for help options at the bottom right of the page, the widget can be placed at the bottom right corner of the webpage.



After customizing the widget's color and position, install the code at the indicated location.


Advanced Data Analysis for User Behavior Insights

User Search Terms Collection

The widget automatically collects words searched by users and sorts them by the number of clicks. This enables businesses to understand the core topics users care about, quickly locate articles, and fine-tune answers, enhancing the accuracy of the content provided.



User Q&A Records

Moreover, in the "Q&A" section, you can not only track the questions that users are focused on but also review in detail the answers provided by AI and the related data source snippets.



Wrapping up

Harnessing state-of-the-art AI search and analysis tools, the HelpLook widget serves as a formidable tool in the arsenal of user-focused content marketing. It is exceptionally advantageous for startups, cutting down on the expenses related to both pre-sales and after-sales support. Designed with flexibility in mind, the widget's self-service portal is conveniently situated to ensure that users can quickly locate the information they require, thereby effectively minimizing the risk of user drop-off.


There are various packages to choose from, with free AI search quotas included. Experience the HelpLook widget's AI search function for free. Once the free AI searches are used up, more can be purchased, with larger quantities available at a discount. Enterprise package users can also configure their own API Key, without consuming the system's AI quota.

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