How to Embed a Widget on Your Website

After encountering models like GPT-4, many of you are probably eager to try them out. You may want to create a specialized AI expert assistant for your industry or product to help employees or users find answers on their own and quickly resolve issues.


The good news is that there are now many solutions available on the market, such as HelpLook. With just one step, you can configure knowledge base and AI chatbot widgets for your website, knowledge base, app, etc., providing users with instant help and support.


How to Install the Widget

Click Settings → Web Plugins → install code, copy the code in the body of the website that needs to install the widget, and you can complete the configuration.



Meanwhile, widgets can be installed directly within the Knowledge Base, you just need to copy the code to Site Settings → Tech support → Head header code.


The effect after insertion is shown in the figure:




By configuring and embedding widgets, you can easily enhance the user experience on your website or application. Try it for free immediately! If you have any other questions, feel free to contact with our professional customer service teams.

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