Product Updates: Elevate Your Knowledge Management and Data Analytics in 2024

HelpLook has undergone yet another enhancement! This February, an array of fresh features was rolled out, enhancing key components like knowledge base management, access control management, and website data analyticsLet's take a look.


Quick Overview of Feature Updates

Knowledge Base Usage and Management

The editor now supports generating article tables of contents.

Batch move, delete, and change status operations are supported.

New SEO information management feature.

Knowledge base supports AI-generated article SEO settings.

Articles can be shared to different platforms with one click.

Custom article anchor names are now possible.


Access Control Management

A new editor role has been added.

Knowledge base articles support watermarking.


Website Data Analytics

Knowledge base now includes traffic source data analysis.


Knowledge Base Usage and Management

Editor Supports Generating Article Tables of Contents

Click "Table of Contents" and it will automatically generate one. This helps users quickly browse and locate key information.



If there are any changes to the article structure, click "Refresh" to automatically update the table of contents.



Support for Batch, Move, Delete, and Modify Status

When publishing multiple articles, it can be time-consuming to do them one by one. Now, with the batch operation feature, you can move, modify the status, or delete sections/articles in one go, significantly improving work efficiency.


① Click the "Bulk Operations" button.



② Click on the categories/articles that require bulk operations, and then choose to move, modify status, and delete.



New SEO Information Management

Click "Settings" "SEO Management" to view all articles' SEO information (titles/keywords/descriptions), which is convenient for operational managers to oversee and optimize SEO.



Knowledge Base Supports AI-Generated Article SEO Configuration

With AI technology, the system automatically generates SEO keywords, descriptions, and summaries for your articles, simplifying the SEO process and improving content quality.


Click "Article Configuration" above the editor and select "AI keywords and descriptions".




*Note: Generating once will consume one AI times, and additional AI times can be purchased


One-Click Article Sharing to Different Social Media Platforms

Easily share articles to WeChat, Qzone, Sina Weibo, X, LinkedIn, Facebook, Email, VK, WhatsApp, Line, Reddit, Messenger, Pinterest, and other social media platforms with one click to quickly expand content dissemination and attract more user interaction.


Select "Settings" "Site Settings" "Article", turn on "Show share button", select the application you want to support sharing.



After the setting is completed, the article page display effect is as follows:



Custom Article Anchor Names

Anchor names can be generated based on titles or randomly, making it convenient for users to quickly locate key content.


Click "Settings" "Site Settings" "Articles", you can choose what you want.



Access Control Management

New Editor Role Added

HelpLook supports collaboration among multiple users, and a new "Editor" role is now available, focusing on content writing without the authority to publish articles.


① Click "Settings" "Invite Teammates" and select "Invite new teammates".



② Enter the "Name", "Role", "Phone number and Email" in the box, and click "OK" after completing.


*Administrators has access to everything.

*Operation: Can only access the overview, content, and analysis modules, and is responsible for editing and managing content.

*Editor: Same as operational permissions, but without content publishing permissions.

*Only the super administrator has permission to edit and remove teammates



Knowledge Base Articles Support Watermarking

The article watermark defaults to your site's name. However, we also support customization of the watermark as needed.


Click "Settings" "Site Settings" "Article", click "Article Watermark" to make the article background with a watermark with the site name.


*This feature is only available for Professional and Enterprise users



Once the watermark is enabled, the effect is as shown in the following image.



Website Data Analytics

Knowledge Base Adds Traffic Source Data Analysis

By analyzing your site's traffic sources in depth, including specific websites, number of clicks, and proportion, you can fully understand user behavior and channel effectiveness, thereby formulating more targeted marketing strategies.


Click "Analyze" "Data Analysis", select ”Traffic source“.


*This function Only supported for Professional and Enterprise users



All the above features are now officially live! Start exploring HelpLook's new features for free right now!

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