May Updates | Support for Sharing Individual Articles

HelpLook brings more features in May, enabling configurable article access permissions... Check out if there are any features you're interested in!


Knowledge Base Management

Allow Sharing of Individual Articles with External Users

HelpLook supports configuring permissions for different users to view different columns and articles, and also supports individual sharing of columns and articles.


*Only Supervisors and Administrators have access to configure this feature.


1. Configure Access Rights for Categories and Documents

Method one:

① Settings- > Site Settings->Access Permission, set site access permissions to authorized login (verification code access & single sign-on).



② Select a column/article, click the "···" symbol , and select "Access Permission" to configure access permissions for different groups and users.



2. Share Categories and Documents Separately

Method One:

Under private access, categories and documents can be shared individually.

①Settings- > Site Settings->Access Permission, set site access permissions to private access.



Team Management Now Includes a Member Search Feature

Click "Settings", select "Invite Teammates," and you can search for all user names in the "User" search box.



Knowledge Base Tag Result Pages Allow Selection of Multiple Tags for Filtering

Search Tags

Support search tags, and users can click on the tag to display all the articles under the tag, the effect is as follows:



Filtering Tabs

In addition, on the tabbed results page, users can filter single and multiple tabs.



Set the page to jump directly to the same URL when switching languages

HelpLook AI knowledge base allows users to customize article URLs. In a multi-language site environment, users can easily switch to different language versions of the same article.


In the article configuration, just change it to the same URL.




You can visit the HelpLook Help Center for more feature optimizations and usage instructions. Take a free trial now!

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