April Updates | Enhanced Features and User Experience

In April, HelpLook brings an array of new knowledge base template resources, intuitive article version comparisons and other features. Dig deeper for more updates.


Knowledge Base Management Feature Upgrade

Find and Replace Globally

As shown in the picture, click the "Search/Replace" button.



Select "Replace" and enter keywords to search for relevant document content and replace keywords.

*Only supports replacing keywords in the document.



√Check "Contains title replacement" to replace the keywords in the title.



Convert Site Link into QR Code for Sharing and Downloading

HelpLook supports converting site links to QR codes for sharing and downloading. After converting the link to a QR code, the QR code can be embedded in product manuals, posters, advertisements, business cards and other promotional materials.


You can obtain and download the site link QR code in Overview->Site Overview.



Backend Site Bar Supports Categorization and Filtering of Sites


Suitable for users with multiple sites, to quickly filter sites by site name.



Filter out Unpublished Articles from Parent Categories

After creating a category, choose the "Draft" status for the category state.



Click the "Publish" button, and although the article will not appear directly on the knowledge base article homepage, it can still be found in the browser search results, making it convenient for users to search and view.



Enterprise Blog-1 Template Homepage Now Displays a Search Box

On the homepage of Enterprise Blog-1, just click the search box to choose between common keyword/AI search functions and quickly locate the blog article content you're looking for.



New API for Publishing Articles 

HelpLook has added a new API to publish specific articles, which you can copy detail code directly from the HelpLook help center.


Knowledge Base Import Content Support 50m

The capacity for importing content into the knowledge base has been increased from 5M to 50M, allowing users to upload large amounts of content more conveniently without worrying about file size restrictions, making it easy to enrich and expand the knowledge base.


Article Version Comparison

HelpLook supports article version comparison, helping users better understand and track article changes.


① Find the "Version" button above the editor.


② You can view the comparison between the latest draft and the historical version.



AI Chatbot Optimization

AI Answers Now Support Highlighting Code Blocks

When AI answer content includes code blocks, these blocks will be highlighted, making it easier for users to view.



AI Chatbot Adds New Stop Answering Button

① Click the "+" in the upper right corner of the Chatbot to open a new conversation.



②When the Chatbot is answering, click the "Pause" button in the lower right corner to stop the AI from answering.



What other feature improvements would you like to see? Experience HelpLook for free now and visit the HelpLook help center or contact our customer service team to get a demo of product features.

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