How HelpLook Ensures the Security of Sensitive Information and Data

Dear HelpLook Users,

Thank you for choosing HelpLook, our popular SaaS product! We understand the critical importance of data security for you and your business, which is why HelpLook has put in place rigorous security measures to ensure the highest level of protection for your data.


HelpLook employs certified secure partner products from Alibaba Cloud, such as Elasticsearch and RDS, which offer TLS standard security and encryption for data in transit. Alibaba Cloud's RDS storage service is known for its top-tier data security standards, ensuring that project backups are kept in secure locations.



Data Security Measures

Here are the data security safeguards we provide for you:


Robust Security Partner Products

Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch - Search Partner

● Our API servers support HTTPS along with all versions of TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2, earning an A rating from Qualys SSL Labs.

● Alibaba Cloud's Elasticsearch keeps each customer's data isolated within separate applications, preventing information leaks and exchanges, thereby preserving data integrity.


Alibaba Cloud RDS - Database Service Partner

● Network Isolation - Alibaba Cloud RDS's dedicated clusters are situated in a unique Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with dedicated firewalls, preventing third-party access to your private data.

● Alibaba Cloud RDS has undergone independent verification for platform safety, privacy, and compliance controls.

● End-to-end Encryption - All network traffic is encrypted with TLS, with the option to configure the minimum TLS protocol version. Static data encryption is stored on encrypted storage volumes.


Strong Authentication and Access Control

● We use state-of-the-art authentication technology to ensure that only authorized users can access and handle your data. You can set various levels of access permissions so that only the necessary personnel can view and edit data.

● As a cloud-based solution, we have secure APIs that can be accessed with the correct API tokens granted appropriate permissions. This enables you to regulate access to your project data.


Business Continuity and Recovery Plan

● Your data is stored in remote databases managed by our database service partner, Alibaba Cloud RDS, which consists of multiple clusters to eliminate any downtime.

● We have established a comprehensive disaster recovery and backup plan to counter data loss, system malfunctions, or catastrophic events. In unforeseeable circumstances, we are capable of quickly restoring your data and ensuring business continuity. The database is backed up daily, weekly, and monthly, with backups stored for one month for recovery purposes.


Highly Resilient Architecture

Highly Scalable DNS: Directs users to the optimal endpoint based on geographic location, latency, health, and other factors.

Data Backups: Cloud snapshots are taken and preserved daily, weekly, and monthly, with backups available for restoration within a month.

Incident and Breach Management: We have established procedures for reporting and tracking incidents for timely communication, investigation, and resolution.

Alibaba Cloud CDN: We utilize Alibaba Cloud CDN to ensure rapid delivery of our applications and customer documents, ensuring they are served from the nearest nodes.


Development and Operations Team

Our core team is highly skilled, recognizing the significance of security and staying abreast of the latest technologies. Our DevOps sprints are supported by a multidisciplinary team including product leads, technical directors, developers, and more.

● Automated deployment and monitoring allow for swift response and repair of issues, enhancing system stability and availability.

● Automated testing and continuous integration help in early detection and resolution of problems, reducing software bugs.

For more information about HelpLook's security and infrastructure, please contact us now or schedule a demo with our experts.


AI Service Data Security

● Data is stored exclusively under your account, separate from other users' data.

● Our integrated GPT model is powered by Azure OpenAI → "Data, Privacy, and Security for Azure OpenAI Services."


Precautions and Solutions

You can also protect against accidental data loss or leakage by implementing the following measures:

  1. Set access permissions for your sites and documents. This security feature can prevent malicious automated attacks such as mass password guessing or brute force attacks. Captchas can safeguard your knowledge base from malicious software, bots, or unauthorized access. 
  2. Set access permissions and durations for different users. Administrators can establish access controls to restrict employees' permissions. To facilitate management, set sites to private and use a shared password so that only authorized personnel can gain access, ensuring information security. 
  3. Regularly back up and export the contents of your knowledge base. Backup and restore features prevent accidental deletion or system failures, safeguarding vital information. 
  4. Only grant the necessary permissions to API keys to help ensure data security and prevent unauthorized data modifications. 


We are dedicated to treating your data security with the utmost responsibility and continuously enhancing our data security measures. If you have any questions or suggestions about our data security practices, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank you once again for choosing HelpLook. We look forward to delivering exceptional service and secure data protection for you!

Best regards,

The HelpLook Team

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