AI Searchable Electronic Product Manuals VS Traditional Electronic Manuals

Traditional paper manuals are prone to getting misplaced and can be cumbersome to navigate, prompting many brands to switch to electronic versions. However, these digital manuals often lack interactivity, requiring users to painstakingly search for the correct model number or specific keywords within an electronic catalog to find their answers. 


In contrast, HelpLook's AI-enhanced electronic product manuals offer a transformative solution. Users can swiftly pinpoint information using keywords, and the integrated AI search capabilities can further streamline the process by compiling answers quickly. This innovative approach enhances after-sales service efficiency and significantly cuts down the time users spend resolving issues.


How to Use Helplook to Create Searchable Electronic Product Manuals

Upload Product Description

Users can choose to directly upload into the local file or create a column/article online, after the creation is complete, one-click publishing can make the product description visible online.



AI Search & Keyword Search

① AI Search

HelpLook integrates AI search technologies such as RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation Model) and AI models such as Claude, OpenAI, ERNIE Bot, and Azure etc., to accurately analyse the keywords entered by the users in the manuals of the electronic products, and quickly summarize the answers required by the users.

Customer Example:

Using AI Search in Gardepro Electronic Product Manuals


② Keyword Search

If you don't need to use AI search function, you can choose normal keyword search. Simply enter a keyword and HelpLook quickly calls up the product's knowledge base and displays articles and catalogues that contain the keyword you are looking for. This ability to quickly locate the desired information greatly improves the efficiency of the user's problem solving.

Customer Example:

Using keyword search in GardePro product manuals


Easy access to product manuals

① QR Code Access

In addition to browsing by opening a web site, HelpLook's electronic product manuals also provide a QR code view function. Users can scan the QR code with their mobile phones to quickly access the corresponding product description page.


QR codes can also be printed on the bottom of the product or on the outer packaging, such as printers, computers, medicine boxes, etc. Users can keep the QR code as needed and scan the code at any time to get the product instructions, which is convenient and fast.


② Download PDF Document

Meanwhile, users can also download PDF documents directly from the product manual pagefor easy viewing at any time.


Export Backup Articles

If the brand owner needs to archive local documents, he/she can click "Export Backup" in the background, select the form of export (PDF/HTML/Markdown) and the articles to be exported, and click "Export" to export the content.



More Advanced Functions

① Customise Your Brand Image and Publish

In HelpLook platform, you can easily customize the site domain name, navigation bar menu, footer, as well as brand logos, theme colours, etc. to unify the brand image.

Custom Domain Name


Customise the navigation bar background


② Analyse Backend Data to Optimise Your Products

HelpLook also provides data analytics to monitor user interactions such as search terms and Q&A records ofe-Manuals in real time. With this data, companies can gain insight into user needs, identify common problems, and optimise product ease of use.

Q&A Records


Data Analysis



Q: Can I use the HelpLook platform to automatically generate product manuals for my products?

A: HelpLook provides rich templates and customisation features, you can build product manuals according to your own needs. However, the product specification built by HL cannot be used directly as a GPT generated article. It mainly helps users to find and solve problems quickly by integrating product information and providing search function.


Q: How to ensure the security of electronic product manuals created on HelpLook platform?

A: HelpLook adopts a variety of security measures to protect your data, including data encryption, regular data backups and strict access control. In addition, users have the option to set up password protection to limit access to specific content.


Whether it's locating key information quickly, using AI technology for efficient search and answer sorting, or performing in-depth data analysis, building an electronic product manual is easy with HelpLook. If you are struggling with high product after-sales costs, then try HelpLook to effectively reduce after-sales service costs and improve service efficiency.


You can visit HelpLook Help Center or contact our customer service team to receive more information about product manuals.

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